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Zero Saber X3

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  • Zero Saber X3 game
    A hacked version of Mega Man X3 that allows you to fully play Zero. The saber is your main weapon and it increases the boss's life bar. Enjoy!


    - Play as Zero anytime except areas where he’s unavailable such as the introduction stage.
    - Zero is able to use sub-weapons, however, CANNOT use the Hyper Chip.
    - Zero is able to air dash.
    - Z-Saber damage varies depending on boss strength. (Based on speed/power combined)
    - Zero is able to gather Heart Tanks, Energy Tanks and Ride Armor chips. He’s able to fill sub-weapons and Energy - Tanks while also able to use them.
    - Zero can use Ride Armors.
    - Updated dialogue to reflect both characters being playable.
    - Zero can obtain capsules and use their abilities to an extent.
    - Zero has new animations for charged Triad Thunder, Ray Shot & Gravity Well.
    - X and Zero are swapped during events. If you’re Zero, X will appear, vice versa.
    - X and Zero have completely separate dialogue.
    - The game remembers who you played as last after you’ve beaten a level or died.
    - Mega Man X2 Feature in which you can shoot both buster shots at once and both will deal damage instead of the large wait time.


    – Movement – Select – Start Z – A X – B A – X S – Y D – L C – R

    Tip:You can save your progress and return later by hovering over the emulator screen and use the icons to save your progress. Down arrow icon (save), Up arrow icon (load).

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