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  • The Devils Horn Game

    The Devils Horn game

    Welcome into this great pirate adventure! Maybe we haven’t regarded pirates for some time but believe us, we didn’t have something that interesting to tell but this time you’ll be a part of real pirate crusade of a special kind!

    Meet Gloria and Joshua. They are experienced pirates who have been working together for many years. They conquered different boats and ruled with the sea for a long time. Now they are back on their ‘field’, trying to deal with another new challenge. This time Gloria and Joshua set an aim in front of themselves, to conquer the cursed boat known as the ‘Devil’s Horn.’ Numerous pirates before them tried to enter there but only few of them had the courage to do that. Gloria and Joshua believe that they would be the once that could actually capture the boat.

    The ‘Devil’s Horn’ has been anchored for many years on a small port in the north part of the country but no one could sail with it on an open sea. The reason for that is simple but strange on the other side. The boat is stilled ruled by the captain Mark and his sailors, even though they are not live any more. Yes, you’ve heard well – they are ghosts, evil ghosts! They have obsessed the boat and don’t let anyone take it. That’s why this would be Gloria and Joshua’s hardest mission. They have faced many pirates, but this time they face ghosts. Let’s see how they could deal with the strange situation. Is it possible evil ghosts to be overpowered?!


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