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  • Pokemon Sigma Emerald Game

    Pokemon Sigma Emerald game

    Pokemon Sigma Emerald is a hack of Emerald originally created by Tlachtli. It aims to be a game resembling a 3rd Gen remake de-make, with an unchanged storyline and upgraded mechanics.

    = Major NPCs =
    – Updated Match Call rematch teams that closely resemble ORAS’s
    – Gym rematches except for Liza and Tate are in singles format
    – Like the E4 and Champion, Gym Leader matches show mugshots before battle
    – Steven can be re-battled once a day**
    – Elite Four + Champion have new dialogue and upgraded teams upon rematch

    = Engine =
    – Animated DS-style sprites
    – Physical/Special split implemented (with indicating icons on the stat screen)
    – Color coding of weak and strong stats based on nature
    – All 386 Gen 1-3 Pokemon are available in-game
    – Player now starts with the National Pokedex
    – Modernized trainer battle dialogue
    – TMs are reusable
    – Running Shoes work indoors
    – Sitrus Berry restores 25% of the holder’s max HP
    – Glitch involving Pomeg berry fixed
    – Glitch allowing PRNG to be easily abused fixed
    – Gen 6 critical hit mechanics and multiplier
    – Poison status heals at 1HP and displays the “survived” message

    = Pokemon Abilities =
    – Several abilities from Gen 4+ have been assigned to their respective Pokemon
    – Filter: Mr. Mime
    – Moxie: Gyarados, Bagon (placeholder), Salamence
    – Multiscale: Dragonite, Lugia
    – No Guard: Machop line
    – Overcoat: Pineco line, Shelgon
    – Protean: Kecleon
    – Regenerator: Ho-Oh
    – Scrappy: Kangaskhan, Miltank, Taillow line, Whismur line
    – Simple: Numel
    – Skill Link: Shellder line
    – Snow Cloak: Articuno, Swinub line
    – Solid Rock: Camerupt
    – Super Luck: Murkrow, Absol
    – Tangled Feet: Pidgey line, Spinda
    – Tinted Lens: Butterfree, Venonat line, Illumise
    – In conjunction with new abilities, some Pokemon with one standard ability have their hidden ability as their secondary (eg. the Torchic line having Speed Boost)
    – Rough Skin reduces the attacker’s HP by 1/8 upon contact
    – Flash Fire remains active even when the wielder is frozen
    – Volt Absorb covers Thunder Wave
    – Grass-type Pokemon no longer trigger Effect Spore

    Buy new Pokemon Games at the Nintendo Store.


    – Movement – Select – Start Z – A ButtonX – B ButtonS – R ButtonA – L Button

    Tip: You can save your progress by hovering over the emulator screen and using the icons to save your progress. Down arrow icon (save), Up arrow icon (load).

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