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Pokemon Omega Ruby

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  • Pokemon Omega Ruby game
    A hacked version of Pokemon Ruby with Mega Evolutions and new sprites!

    Kyogre + Water Stone = Primal Kyogre
    Groudon + Fire Stone = Primal Groudon
    Swampert + Water Stone = Mega Swampert
    Steelix + Moon Stone = Mega Steelix
    Camerupt + Fire Stone = Mega Camerupt
    Sceptile + Leaf Stone = Mega Sceptile
    Blaziken + Fire Stone = Mega Blaziken
    Manectric + Thunder Stone = Mega Manectric
    Altaria + Sun Stone = Mega Altaria
    Aggron + Moon Stone = Mega Aggron
    Pidgeot + Sun Stone = Mega Pidgeot
    Venusaur + Leaf Stone = Mega Venusaur
    Charizard + Moon Stone = Mega Charizard X
    Gengar + Moon Stone = Mega Gengar
    Charizard + Fire Stone = Mega Charizard Y
    Glalie + Moon Stone = Mega Glalie
    Tyranitar + Moon Stone = Mega Tyranitar
    Sableye + Moon Stone = Mega Sableye
    Rayquaza + Moon Stone = Mega Rayquaza
    Sharpedo + Water Stone = Mega Sharpedo
    Metagross + Moon Stone = Mega Metagross
    Salamence + Sun Stone = Mega Salamence
    Beedrill + Sun Stone = Mega Beedrill
    Blastoise + Water Stone = Mega Blastoise


    – Movement – Select – Start Z – A ButtonX – B ButtonS – R ButtonA – L Button

    Tip: You can save your progress by hovering over the emulator screen and using the icons to save your progress. Down arrow icon (save), Up arrow icon (load).

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