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  • Pokemon Altered Emerald Game

    Pokemon Altered Emerald game

    A complete overhaul to Hoenn and its Pokémon! New hacks often try to look as modern as possible and include shedloads of fresh new pokémon. This one does its best to feel like gen 3!


    -All routes have been remodeled, and 5 new ones have been added including a canyon, a spooky house, and a mine.
    -the first 386 pokémon are available
    -Fly to routes, reuse both tms and move tutors, delete most hms, use the updated repels and fishing systems, get all the secret base items, enjoy few storyline rewrites too
    -Dizzy Egg’s emerald battle engine: all moves, types, items, capture xp, and abilities up to gen 6 are in game, though some are unavailable. Some of the balance changes in later gens have been reverted because I wanted leech life and Bullet Seed in early. A lot of new items are absent although the interesting ones do show their faces. The only fairy types in the entire game are the clefairy line.
    -all pokémon have been changed in some way, all evolution lines have fresh new level up sets.
    -There are more moves and abilities than I can really fit in to one place, so most pokémon are quite awesome.

    Remake by: Luuma

    Version: 2.2.7


    – Movement – Select – Start Z – A ButtonX – B ButtonS – R ButtonA – L Button

    Tip: You can save your progress by hovering over the emulator screen and using the icons to save your progress. Down arrow icon (save), Up arrow icon (load).

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