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Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter

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  • Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter game
    After the fateful encounter of Mew in PALLET FOREST, Red (main character) found himself in a Pokemon Journey to become the best POKEMON Trainer in the world. However, it won't be easy when his rival Blue, and later Green, is also following the exact dream. However, this proves to be difficult as Team Rocket began to perform their own cruel experiment which may destroy the world!

    - Story follows the Manga exactly with some extra events
    - Two rivals, Blue and Green
    - New tiles, maps, textures, items, trainer class and Pokemon sprites
    - Bonus/optional events that changes the storyline
    - Fairy Type included
    - Day and night system
    - EV is indicated in Pokemon's stat
    - Reusable TMs
    - Different Regions-
    - Kanto (completed)
    - Johto
    - Hoenn
    - Sinnoh
    - Orre
    - Sevii Islands
    - Orange Archipelago (completed)
    - Decolore Archipelago
    - Nanomi
    - Mirage Island

    Updated to BETA 13 Part 1: Up to Cinnabar Island - Save game for older versions no longer work because of the new update.


    – Movement – Select – Start Z – A ButtonX – B ButtonS – R ButtonA – L Button

    Tip:You can save your progress and return later by hovering over the emulator screen and use the icons to save your progress. Down arrow icon (save), Up arrow icon (load).

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